Top Ten Shoe Brands In USA


Top Ten Shoe Brands In USA 2017:

Shoe Brands Introduction:

Shoe Brands is an idea from designers, how to get a success in brands and how to moves forward in the name of brands to reach the destination.The aim of designers is how to make a good money and how to develop trust in customers that’s the good way to develop a good money.

  1. Nike:

Shoe Brands nike-shoesNike is a globalize Shoe Brands, Nike is known as the best in the world. $31 billion sale of Nike Annually, it is strong Company and Global product. $31 billion sales are developed by amazing progress (energetic wear marketplace). Owner Earns $22billion last year. It is famous in making outstanding Footwear, Apparel, and Sports equipment. The headquarter of the Company is near Beaverton, Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area. Marque is the Largest supplier of athletic shoes. Counts in most precious Shoes Brands (In athletics). In 2012 44,000 people employed of around the World. The Company was found on January 25, 1964, as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bower man and Phil Knight. Factory sponsors many high profile athletes and sports team Worldwide. Annual Revenue is $ 30.6 billion.

  1. Ralph Lauren:

ralph-laurenRalph Lauren is the largest brand of the America, it brings $7.6 Billion in 2014.Ralph Lauren is the very attractive brand, looks very captivating. Ralph Lauren outlet make polo sports instruments that possess very high quality. Polo Ralph Lauren is Men, Women, and Children. Polo Ralph Lauren Men is the real sign of latest dashing lifestyle. Polo Ralph Lauren men wear is a one kind appearance for men lifestyle. Polo sophisticated women wear provides the highly advanced outlet that is revolutionary. Polo Ralph Lauren brand is perfect for summer adventures. Ralph Lauren brands are very imaginative. Polo Ralph Lauren Women is made to show the classic culture for people to look good and Polo Ralph Lauren provides latest outfits for men and women.

3.Old Navy:

old-navy-clothesIs an international brand .this brand is vogue than Gap brand, it earns more than Gap brand. In the last years, Old Navy have more sales as compared to Gap. Old Navy sale is increasing day by day. Because Old Navy possess Good Quality and Color. Old navy generates $6.6 billion annually

  1. Gap:

gap-brandThe Gap is an Outlet but it’s not most good valuable brand nowadays. Gap gives declining sails around the World for old various years. Gap Annual revenue of 2014 is $6.2 billion, it’s very Good step.New CEO Art Peck is working to develop well design team.

  1. Levi Strauss:

levi-strauss-signatureGap and Levi are also called Levi’s. Its sale is $ 4 billion in 2014.Levi originates from various brands like Tom Hilfiger and Michael Korus Brands with the help of a lot of business. Have a lot of products.Hilfiger and Michael Korus are astonishing brands that give a luxury life. They give us various products like Women wears bags bed sheets Scents and also working in big brands. Women and Men wear Levi jeans.Levi jean is most populate jean around the world. Levi is made on the Bases of Ethical values, new ideas and hardworking and exploring. Levi’s have strong Sustainability.Annual generates $4.8 billion.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger:

tommy-hilfiger-jacketTom Hilfiger Fragrance is also for Women.This Fragrance has naturals ingredients that have no any side effects Tommy Hilfiger fragrance is a very attractive smell. Moreover, this Fragrance possesses violet leaf and velvety jasmine. Hilfiger made from best quality and ambitious outlet. Annually generates $3.6 billion.

  1. Michael Korus:

michael-korusMichael Korus is very best quality brand and latest brand from 30 years. However, Michael Korus collection has majestic outfit for Women wear. Michael Korus also made handbags shoes. Michael Korus watches made from best quality and also made from stainless steel. Finally, these watches are very hard to crack. (Attractive watches). When Men and Women wear these Watches they look smart and sobber.Annually generates $4.4 billion.

  1. Coach:

coach-handbagsCoach Line central focus on leather goods with suitable prices but unluckily it declines from a small number of years. Consequently, when a new CEO takeover, works day by day with honesty to rise the leather goods. Annually generates $4.3 billion.

  1. American Eagle:

american-eagle-jacketAmerican eagle is also an active wear company. American eagle brands are made from best quality and valuable. American eagle outfit available in Good prices. As a result, American eagle it’s a high-profile Label. Annually generates $3.3 billion.

  1. under Armor:

under-armor-shoesArmor brand is a very latest brand.Armour is Vogue. This brand is rapidly increasing brand nowadays. In fact, the sale of Armor expands 32 percent last year more than $3 billion and international fund rises 96% (amazingly). Nonetheless, in future Armor provides active wear according to the needs of the people.

Which Shoe Brands is best for you?:

Nike brand is best in shoes, Nike brand is more comfortable and good stuff for shoes.Gap brand perfect for kids. Gap have a grip on kid dresses. Consequently, the Handbags of MICHAEL KORS brand is Customer favorite brand. Coach handbags are also beautiful style but MICHAEL KORS brand style is more acceptable in public, its awesome look(decent).


According to my experience, The Ralph Lauren brand is more like in public.Ralph Lauren brand is best for dresses as well as quality. As a result, the jeans of Levi Strauss is vogue.Ralph Lauren and Levi Strauss brands both are best.

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