Top Ten Clothes Design in Hong Kong


 Top Ten Clothes Design in Hong Kong 2017:

Clothes Design Brand Introduction:

Clothes Design Brand reflects the quality, styles, and designs of the designer in which designer constructs his/her goods in lovely ways.


Clothes Design annabelle-dexter-jonesThe birthplace of Annabelle Dexter-Jones is London. 1986, 25 October is the birth year of Annabelle. Hence, Annabelle is a renowned fashion designer of British fashion industry. Actually, Annabelle DEXTER-JONES is a multi-talented girl. She is an actress as well as the model. New York is the city where ANNABELLE DEXTER-JONES spread his childhood life in a beautiful way. In adolescent life, she performs many roles as an actress/model with her brother (musician). Finally, her two sisters of ANNABELLE DEXTER-JONES are also an outstanding fashion producer (Charlotte Ronson and Samantha Ronson).


calla-parisCALLA PARIS is a designer of Paris. Calla designs are common in UK, France, and Paris and in other countries. The birthplace of Calla Haynes is Toronto. She also visits Parson School of Design in Paris as well as New York to become a superlative fashion designer. Theyskens is a designer who took help from Calla Haynes at Rochas and Nina Ricci place. As a result, after working with Theyskens she decides to establish new Brand and the name of the Brand is Haynes. In fact, she manufactures unrivaled comfortable Outfits. Moreover, Calla fabricates awesome pieces. Even US appreciates her new collections (winter and autumn).


confezioni-crosbyCONFEZIONI CROSBY Brand especially focusses on Women wears and other goods of Women wear. Consequently, CONFEZIONI CROSBY collections are popular in superior quality. Numerous boutiques are working around the World. Every Cloth of CROSBY has distinctive look in captivating style. Customers feel majestic in CROSBY Outfits. Because the designs are very alluring. Finally, CONFEZIONI CROSBY is a known fashion Brand in the World. Moreover, the company also produces uniforms for the labors of the factory.

  1. DEZSO:

dezso1884 is the birth year of DEZSO. DEZSO is also a multitalented designer, he is an architect, designer, and builder. She graduated in the subject of Architect (1913). She constructs many buildings likes Churches and Hospitals etc. The role in the fashion industry is respectable. She passed way in Aszod (1944). The founder of DEZSO Brand is Sara Beltran. She is skillful in jewelry items. Her jewelry material is superb. However, the jewelry is available with the charming approach. Consequently, Mexico is the birthplace of Sara Beltran, for some reasons she goes to New York. However, the stones of DEZSO jewelry are precious in the material.

  1. DUFFY:

duffy-suitsDuffy Outfits are displayed in different styles at Horology mark. In fact, the Head office of Duffy is in the city of New York. 2009 is the creating year of Duffy Brand. Duffy introduces Apparel in a comfortable manner. The most popular goods of the Brand are Knitwear, Pants, and Skirts. Eventually, excellent designs of these goods are obtainable at the marketplace. People admires to these varieties. In fact, Duffy also publishes Clothes in the city of London. He receives the basic education of designing from School and College. Consequently, he creates designs by its own ideas. As a result, He is a hard worker personality (fashion designer).


ek-thongprasert-necklaceSilicon Flower Necklaces is one of the favorite creation of EK THONGPRASERT. New goods like Necklaces are obtainable at stores in styles of 2016. Hence, the Necklaces are assembled from remarkable quality in variable colors. Hence, EK THONGPRASERT accessories are unbelievable.


orjan-andersson-jeansORJAN ANDERSSON produces Jeans for Menswear. In fact, guys are looking very handsome in ORJAN ANDERSSON Jeans. These Jeans are formed in a tradition way. Nonetheless, Jeans produces are in superior quality with variable astounding styles.

  1. Bentley:

bentleyBentley is a Brand that manufactures outstanding Cars. This is one of the common Brand that constructs quality able Cars. Therefore, the Brand of Bentley makes the popular name in vehicles industry (cars).

  1. Coco Chanel:

coco-chanel-perfumeCoco Chanel is an alluring Outfit of France. Gabriell Coco is an Owner of this French fashion company. Therefore, the legend attires are available at Coco Channel mart for Men and Women.

  1. Giorgio Armani:

giorgio-armani-glassesGiorgio Armani is a well-known fashion designer in Italy. In fact, Armani Outfits sells at international level. People prefers to buy Pent Shirts of Armani. Because Armani accessories are built in astonishing quality with good looking styles. Numerous colors and styles are obtainable of Armani Clothes at the bazaar. Moreover, Giorgio Armani expands its business all over the World.

Which Clothes Design Brand is best for you?

ORJAN ANDERSSON is a notable company that introduces Clothes Design like jeans for Menswear in perfect quality. Consequently, ORJAN Brand is fit for Jeans, you should purchase it. EK THONGPRASERT Necklaces are fanciful. The necklaces of EK are looking suitable at Women body. However, Women looks graceful. Finally, THONGPRASERT is best for girls. Girls should buy EK necklaces.

Clothes Design Conclusion:

Giorgio Armani is a famous goods Brand in the World. Customers feel joyful in the Outfits of Armani. Bentley is a trademark of cars that produces different types of cars under adequate quality.

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